About Tri-Spritz

We are pleased to introduce the second product in our capsule collection of multifunction skincare.
Tri Spritz is a triple-duty mist that delivers reparative, conditioning and protective benefits.
This spritz works in tandem with Tri-Balm or on its own as part of your daily skincare routine.

Tri-Spritz is formulated to tackle and target modern day skincare needs and stresses. A multi-tasking treatment mist, Tri-Spritz is your go-to daily defense.

Our 3-in-1 Facial Spritz delivers the following:

  • Cellular repair from natural active ingredients
  • Anti-pollution shield
  • Conditions and calms skin
  • Sets makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types, this mist defends and conditions your skin with every spritz. Orange blossom, rose and Verbena offer a sensory experience whilst skin is left hydrated, calmed and protected. 

How To Use

  • Condition skin with a generous misting of Tri-Spritz day and night, holding it 10 cms from the face.
  • Tri-Spritz can be used throughout the day to protect skin from the negative effects of pollution and stress.
  • Tri-Spritz can be used to set make-up on application and to refresh makeup throughout the day.

Tri-Spritz Ingredients

Tri-Spritz is packed with natural ingredients harvested from plants, flowers and herbs, carefully selected for their functional and therapeutic benefits. Tri-Spritz promotes a healthy skin and delivers three main benefits: cellular repair, protection against pollution and set make-up.

Coconut Water

Super-hydrating, coconut water is also an excellent source of cytokinins which regulate cellular health, as well as vital sugars and electrolytes which maintain fluid levels within skin cells.

Chuffa Milk

Extracted from the chuffa nut (which is a plant tuber not a nut), one of the oldest cultivated plants dating back to Ancient Egypt, Chuffa Milk is rich in moisturising omega 3 fatty acids. Chuffa milk is also rich in oleic acid and antioxidant vitamins E and C to support tissue recovery and protect against free radical damage.

White Tea

To protect cells from damage,Tri-Spritz contains White Tea, higher in protective polyphenols than green tea, as well as tannin which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

White Nettle

A rich source of antioxidants which guard skin from environmental stressors, white nettle is also anti-inflammatory, calming the skin and reducing irritation.

White Lupin Seed

Rich in phytic acid to target damaging free radicals,White Lupin seed also helps to firm and tone skin.

Algae Extract

Sourced from pure spring water,Tri-Spritz contains an algae extract, (Aphanothece sacrum). Rich in polysaccharides, algae has moisture-retaining properties and when applied to the skin, creates an effective shield environmental barrier.

Natural Cellulose

Tri-Spritz contains natural cellulose derived from tree pulp.This forms a strong, flexible transparent film to set and protect make-up throughout the day. Cellulose also helps to guard skin from pollution and potential irritants.

Verbena Extract

To firm, tone and soothe skin, Tri-Spritz contains Verbena extract. Verbena also helps to prevent inflammation, supporting skin in multiple ways from external damage, along with prevent broken veins by strengthening blood capillaries. Verbena also has relaxing and calming properties.

Rose Water

Not only does rose water contain powerful antioxidants, it also helps to maintain the skin's protective pH balance. Rose water also has a therapeutic effect on mood, promoting feelings of wellbeing. Ideal for combating day-to-day stress and for calming in-flight nerves.

Orange Blossom Water

Tri-Spritz contains orange blossom water renowned for its uplifting aroma and mood-boosting properties. Orange Blossom also helps to maintain the skin's natural pH, as well as having natural anti-bacterial properties.