About Tri-Body Treatment

Introducing Tri-Body Treatment, the next product in our capsule collection created to streamline your routine. Our multifunctional gel-to-milk formulation cleanses, polishes and conditions skin, whilst a blend of wellbeing essential oils create a spa-like sensory experience. 

A combination of oils and lipids gently and effectively cleanse skin. Bamboo granules, papaya and mango create a physical and enzymatic exfoliant to polish, smooth and boost circulation. Seaweed extract and rice bran oil condition and hydrate. Tri-Body contains essential oils of ylang ylang, black pepper, vetivert and lime to promote a feelings of wellbeing whilst helping to uplift, calm and melt away daily stresses. These anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial essential oils also have additional detoxifying and muscle soothing benefits.

Cleanse, Polish and Condition with Tri-Body Treatment

  • Cleanse with a blend of plant-based oils, reparative lipids, multivitamins and skin-brightening pomegranate seed extract.
  • Polish skin gently and effectively with a combination of bamboo granules, papaya and mango enzymes.
  • Condition with skin-nurturing fatty acids derived from seaweed extract and rice bran oil.

Tri-Body can be used morning, evening, or as often as your skin needs. Suitable for all skin types.

How to Use

  • Squeeze a small walnut-sized amount of product into your palm, and apply to damp or dry skin.
  • Add warm water and massage in using circular movements, inhaling the aroma of beneficial essential oils.
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • For a truly sensory experience, leave Tri-Body on longer  to benefit from its therapeutic effects.

Tri-Body Treatment Ingredients

Tri-Body Treatment has been formulated with naturally-derived ingredients harvested from plants, flowers, marine extracts and herbs, all carefully selected for their therapeutic and skin-enhancing benefits.

Rice Bran Oil
Rice bran oil, obtained from the outer layer of the rice kernel, is rich in vitamin B complex to stimulate circulation, vitamin E to improve skin texture and tone, and nourishing essential fatty acids. It also improves skin elasticity and plumpness.

Pomegranate Seed Extract
Rich in vitamin C and other potent antioxidants, pomegranate seed extract helps boost skin brightness. Pomegranate is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, helping to reduce breakouts and calm irritation.

Poppy Seed Oil
Easily absorbed by the skin, poppy seed oil is rich in emollient linoleic and oleic fatty acids, as well as being high in antioxidant vitamin E to protect and repair skin against environmental damage.

Seaweed Extract
Seaweed is a rich source of fatty acids and healing amino acids. Contains vitamins B, C, zinc and magnesium. This extract is super-charged with antioxidants that help to prevent free radical damage.

Bamboo Granules
Made from the stems of the bamboo plant, bamboo granules gently but effectively buff and polish skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Bamboo is also one of the richest sources of silica, a natural compound that strengthens the skin and promotes collagen production. Bamboo granules are also biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

Papaya and Mango Enzymes
A bespoke blend of papaya and mango enzymes acts as a gentle but effective exfoliator. Fruit enzymes, such as papain from papaya, help to break down proteins on the skin’s surface, to leave skin smooth and even-textured.

Black Pepper Essential Oil
A warming oil with a spicy aroma, distilled from the dried crushed fruit of the pepper vine. Black pepper helps to promote blood circulation and to boost the skin's oxygen and nutrient levels. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it can also help combat blemishes and breakouts.

Lime Essential Oil
Stimulating and refreshing, lime oil is a natural antioxidant which helps reduce uneven pigmentation and sun damage. Lime oil has skin-firming and toning properties to help firm and support the skin.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Ylang ylang is a reparative, radiance boosting oil with potent relaxing and anxiety-reducing properties. Perfect for reducing stress and promoting sleep.

Vetivert Essential Oil
Renowned for its ability to reduce irritation, speed up skin healing and stimulate the circulation, Vetiver oil helps to re-hydrate skin whilst the potent aroma properties promote sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.