My 5 Step At-Home Tri-Balm & Tri-Spritz Facial

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For the launch of Tri-Spritz, our latest multitasking product, I created a luxurious facial to showcase our fabulous facial mist. With just two skin-pampering products - Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz - you can treat yourself to a replenishing and relaxing spa-style facial at home. Here's how!


Ian Skelton Still life of Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz


Step 1: Cleanse

Start by cleansing with a facial balm, such as Tri-Balm. A blend of botanical oils and oat extract gently remove any traces of make-up and impurities. Remove the balm with a hot cloth and using cotton pads for the eye area. For a little luxury, add a few drops of rose and orange essential oils to hot water and soak the cloths before use. Or for a really indulgent treat, soak cloths in Tri-Spritz, which contains a blend of chuffa milk, verbena, algae extract, white lupin seed and white tea. I did this for our Press Launch, and the Beauty Editors loved it! Read more about my facials here. Just add a few spritzes to warm water if you want to try this at home.

Step 2: Double Cleanse
Double cleansing is a great way to recreate a spa facial in the comfort of your own home. In Japan and Korea, double cleansing is the norm, but in the West, we tend to cleanse once-and-go, especially when we're in a rush. To double cleanse, apply a layer of Tri-Balm or other balm cleanser and leave on for around 5 minutes. This allows the natural exfoliating pumpkin seed enzyme to work its magic, helping to dissolve any dead skin cells on the skin's surface to leave it smoother and more even-toned.

Step 3: Facial Massage
Once you've double cleansed, indulge in a little DIY massage. A pressure point massage will enhance the benefits of your at-home facial, helping to de-puff, and boost circulation. I like to mix a bespoke blend of essential oils, depending on my mood. Personally, I like treat myself to a facial while I’m in bath, and use the same aromatic oils to bathe in for a real top-to-toe sensory experience. Follow by removing the balm and oils with a hot cloth or warm water to emulsify the cleanser and remove any remaining traces of make-up.

Step 4: Moisturising Mask
Next, spritz skin liberally with Tri-Spritz, then apply a further layer of Tri-Balm for an intensive treatment mask. Tri-Balm is rich in hydrating carrot tissue oil, rice bran oil, wheatgerm and sunflower oil along with hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels. Place cotton pads soaked in Tri-Spritz over your eyes, lie back and relax! Tri-Spritz contains White Tea extract, an natural anti-inflammatory with de-puffing benefits.

Step 5: Rinse and Remove
Using plenty of warm water, rinse away any remaining balm, pat skin dry and finish with a misting of Tri-Spritz to promote cellular repair, protect against pollution and set make-up.
Enjoy! Do you have your own at-home facial routine? I'd love to hear your tips!
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Photography by Peter Christensen; Hair and Make-Up by Frances Prescott at S Management; Art direction and styling by Karena Callen at S Management. Still life photography by Ian Skelton.



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